About Index Invest


Index Invest is an independent investment group founded by Bjarne Borg and Fredrik Alama. We have a broad and diversified investment portfolio, with holdings in sectors like real estate and energy.

We are Swedish but with a global vision. Sweden and selected regions in North America are our prioritised markets, places where we have been active for many years and acquired extensive local knowledge. We believe a local presence and local knowledge are the keys to success. A passion for discovering new and exciting projects in these “home markets” drives us – with the goal of creating healthy, long-term value for our shareholders.

What we invest is our own capital – the best guarantee that our business and each project are managed smartly, carefully and with personal responsibility.

Although we have increased the number of investment partnerships we engage in over the years, we continue to employ our own capital in joint projects with external professional investors. The founders of Index Investment group have invested significant capital in the business, and we manage every project as hands-on owners and shareholders.

Our values


Our aim has always been to create a successful company. But that’s not all. In addition to growth and profitability, we want every project to create value for people in their everyday lives – whether it’s better housing, renewable energy, efficient communication, faster transport or unique experiences.


As a group, we have been active since 1998. We have navigated the volatile markets of the past decade, and shown that we are sustainable and trustworthy. We stand on solid ground and are here to stay for the long term.


At Index, we attribute much of our success to our ability to adapt. We have a flexible business model that means we can balance projects between different investments and sectors. Our geographic focus has this same flexibility. In a changing world, it is absolutely vital to react to changes quickly and adapt accordingly.


We have the ability to read the market and realise when it is time to switch focus, when to stick with it or change course, and to see business opportunities and have the skill to reflect and calculate further. To succeed with this, we need to be well prepared and knowledgeable. Gut feelings alone are not enough if you want to be successful in the long term.

Investment strategy

Value based on judgements

We meet inspiring and driven entrepreneurs almost every day to learn more about their interesting business ideas. And even though many proposals are based on solid calculations and look financially promising, we are more likely to say ‘no’ than ‘yes’. Naturally, our aim is to earn money and be profitable, and we achieve this by having a clear investment strategy with fewer but more profitable projects. Countless requirements must be met and many factors must click into place for an investment to go from idea to reality. One such requirement is that each project must ultimately create value and quality of life for people. It must be based on a bigger idea or aim to bring about change – a desire to create something more enduring than solid figures for next year’s annual report. We view Index Invest as being in the business of “value creation”. We are convinced that this mindset helps build businesses that are more enjoyable and better – for our investment partners, shareholders, employees, our society and us.